Welcome to my gallery of film images inspired by Australia's natural landscapes. This country has an amazing variety of hidden wonders that deserve attention, perhaps more so than some of our well recognised iconic attractions. I have selected just a few of my favourite destinations to reveal their character in both colour and B&W images. I am a long term film enthusiast who has enjoyed capturing much of this country on colour transparencies over many years. Recently, in somewhat of a reverse progression, I have made a transition to traditional B&W photography. Several enthusiastic darkroom practitioners have helped me make sense of this amazing medium, and I am hooked! For me, being in direct control of the entire process is a great feeling. Capturing the image with the click of a mechanical shutter, developing the film, and optically printing the final print is a very satisfying experience. In addition, I find monochrome photography to be more in tune with my way of seeing the world - I like to reveal the basic structures within the landscape, work with the nuances of available lighting, and find a deeper meaning that may literally emerge from the shadows. My Gallery SNAPSHOTS FROM THE BUSH presents some colour images and what they mean to me, while the B&W Gallery, MURRAY RIVER, presents photographs taken on a two week journey along the river in 2020. Other galleries will follow. I hope you enjoy them!