I have been taking photographs for around 40 years. My interest started in my late teens as I began travelling the bush and outback regions, fascinated by Australia's landscape. In fact for me, the landscape holds more appeal than a camera, and in the early days I saw myself as a traveller who took photos, rather than a photographer who enjoyed travel. I couldn't shake the travel bug and I developed a passion for photography, so I began writing for photography and travel magazines. Several 4WD guide books followed over time, and for many years life swayed between periods of routine employment and countless trips away. While work assured stability at home, it was the travel and photographic projects that gave me more purpose on a personal level. In recent times I have come to love traditional B&W film photography for its hands on process, and the personal input to the craft it demands. Its limitations can be a challenge, but when the stars align, its rewards are without equal.